• Simple Marketing Tips for Valentine's Day

    13 February at 10:48 from atlas

    Valentine's Day may mean romance in the cards for loved-up couples, but for businesses, V-Day can only spell one thing - ka-ching.

    With an effect as dramatic as festive holidays, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to fill up your coffers as consumer wallets open as wide as their hearts.

    Traditionally, restaurants and businesses selling flowers, chocolates and jewelleries are the likeliest beneficiary of this day (and weekend).

    However, there are plenty you can cash in on this phenomenon, without any elaborate gimmicks or planning.

    Here are 6 simple marketing tips you can do for Valentine's Day, without running any contests or giving out discounts and prizes

    • Know who your buyers are.

    You should have this data already. What are their genders, age group, wealth status, location and preferences? This way, you know which of your products and service will score brownie points for Valentines.

    • Repackage your products

    V-day isn't just for couples. It's also for mothers and daughters or even best friends that want to celebrate the day together. Re-package your products in sets of two, but don't forget the non-couple customers.

    • Place V-day related items near the counter

    For those that are not thinking of Valentine's, give them a reminder by placing V-day related items near the payment counter or in their online shopping cart. Mints for a night out, greeting cards to express your love or even bath salts for a quiet night in, make sure your customers can see them before they pay for their items.

    • Get personal on social

    Spread the word on social media. Include a personal story or V-day ideas in your newsletters and Facebook and tweet your sales pitch for V-day.

    • No-Valentine's Day  zone

    If your customers are mostly single, the sight of another heart shaped muffin might just leave them gagging. Declare a "V-Day free" zone in your shop/website. Make it a refuge or retreat for those that have maxed out on the romance credit card.

    • Be nice

    It is a day meant for love, regardless if you have that special someone or not. Treat your customers with extra care, and get your staff to spread the love. Sometimes, a smile is all you need to win over a customer


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